Technical Publications

To Pennant the term ‘technical publications’ means anything from a concise owner’s handbook, printed on paper and presented in a ring binder to an interactive electronic technical manual (IETM), including intelligent 3D graphics, compliant with S1000D, accessible over the internet on a range of mobile devices.

Regardless of the requirement, the core skill of our experienced team of technical illustrators and authors is the ability to convert complex source technical data into User Handbooks, Operation & Maintenance Manuals, Parts Catalogues and training courseware.

We have more than 50 years’ experience and progressive technical development in the field and we are confident that our offer is comprehensive, professional and competitive.

We are proud of our hard-won reputation across a wide range of industry, government and commercial sectors, both in the UK and worldwide, including Defence, Aerospace, Rail, Automotive, IT & Communications, Power Generation, Utilities, Nuclear, Petro Chem and Gas, and many more.

We have worked with: