Generic Stores Loading Trainer / Weapons Loading Trainer (GSLT / WLT)

The Weapons Loading Trainer (WLT) is a generic part task trainer designed to train students in carrying out procedures for loading and unloading weapons in a safe environment. The WLT comprises a fixed wing installation on the one side of the trainer and a rotary wing installation on the other.

Key features:
Fixed wing installation (load, remove and install tasks)
Rotary wing installation (load, remove and install tasks)
Dummy Weapons: Air to Air Missile, Air to Ground, Laser Guided Bomb, Torpedo & Depth charge
Instructors console for scenario setting and injection of faults
Animated schematics for observation of weapon system control circuits
Supplied with test equipment and Ground Support Equipment
Supplied Technical Publications

Training standards and qualifications include:
City & Guilds

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