Integrated Logistics Support

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Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) is an approach initially developed by the military sector to ensure that all aspects of through-life asset support are considered during the design, development and use of combat equipment. This methodology is also widely adapted by other industrial sectors to increase the availability of their equipment assets.

To support and maintain equipment there is a volume and diversity of logistics support analysis data that is gathered, recorded, and analyzed to generate a comprehensive range of reports and asset support documentation used in a maintenance and asset support programme. To accomplish this effectively and efficiently a dedicated software application is essential.

Pennant is proud to be at the forefront of ILS software development with our OmegaPS suite – now recognized as the world’s most advanced LSAR software.

With the growth of enterprise-wide solutions, Pennant has developed a strong capability to integrate OmegaPS with other asset support solutions. Our technical and consulting expertise, and collaborative team approach, is an essential element in all our successful projects, that often involve corporate client systems and joint solutions with Integrated Logistic Support providers.

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